The Trever Talbert

Halloween Pipes Gallery

I've been collecting Trever's work, almost since the day he started selling it. By far, his most recognized and challenging pieces are the ones that he creates for Halloween each year. He started in 2000 and the legend just keeps growing. Trever asked me to create a gallery of the pipes because he just didn't have enough time to make pipes and keep a full-blown gallery going. Well, I'm not sure that I can keep a full-blown gallery going, either! But I am going to try to get as much of the Halloween stuff up as I can!

Clicking on the thumbnails will bring up larger pictures. As time permits, I'll try to add Trever's original descriptions. Enjoy!


2000  2001  2002  2003  2004  2005 (New) 

Sketches  Bags Talberts at Work

Okay, many folks have been pestering me about my collection and trying to buy it from me. For the record, my collection is the only one with at least one Halloween pipe from every year. I have, or will have, smoked all of the Halloween pipes that I own. The ones that I own are indicated with an asterisk. Trever has indicated that he will be taking a long break from the Halloween pipes and may never make them again. I love my Halloween pipes and really have no intention of selling them. That said, every man has his price. If you want to buy my Halloween pipes, you must do so as a complete set. All 9 pipes will cost you $47,968.00US!

These pipes are one-of-a-kind works and will not ever be re-created by Trever!