Halloween Pipes Gallery 2001

Croglin Vampire


Jack of The Lantern

Lampton Worm *


Nuckelavee *

Peg Powler

"Last year I introduced the first set of Halloween pipes to the collecting community based on the goblins and beasties of folklore. The first run included 7 pipes - Long Lankin, Redcap, Nosferatu, the D'Ampton Worm, Grendel, Jenny Greenteeth, and Black Annis. I barely touched the surface of the rich storehouse of monsters that exists in mythology and legend. My hope was that this year's set would be twice the size of the first but that was not to be, as business affairs intruded heavily on my time and I ended up working to the last minute only to produce the same number as last year. This year we have the Black Demon Hodag, Peg Powler, the Croglin Vampire, the Lampton Worm, Mordred, the Nuckelavee, and Pumpkin Jack. There will be one other pipe in this set, the Kraken, but that won't be completed until December and is pre-sold to the buyer who is patiently willing to wait. I haven't decided if next year's set will continue the theme of folkloric goblins or not. There were many I missed this year that I would still like to do (Indeed, a couple were supposed to be in last year's set even). Someday there will be a Banshee, a Baba Yaga, and others. Alternatively, I may skip the folklore beasts next year and do a Lovecraft set. Time and circumstances will tell. " - Trever Talbert