Halloween Pipes Gallery 2000

Black Annis


Jenny Greenteeth

Long Lankin *


Red Cap

D'Ampton Worm *

"Halloween is, without question, my favorite holiday of the year. I was born on November 1st, New Year's on the old druidic calendars, and generally referred to as the day that our world was closest to touching other realms. "Hallow's Eve" is one of the oldest special days known, and I've always felt a very deep reverence towards it and its sense of connection with a natural, wild past that's now so far back it might never have been, when humans and faeries lived side by side and a wise man turned his jacket inside out before crossing through haunted woods. When I decided to do a special series of Halloween pipes, I knew this would be my favorite project of the year and would make a blissful antidote to doing the Christmas pipes, which I dislike. My intentions from the very first were to push the boundaries of comfort as far as possible. These pipes were not meant to be classical or proper or respectable - rather, they were made to be disturbing, unique, and just a little unsettling, at least as much as a pipe can be. Beginning this year, my Halloween pipes will each year showcase the extremes of my aesthetic creativity. These are the pipes where I will "cut loose" and do just what I want to, without caring in the slightest if anyone likes them or if they ever sell. It's entirely possible that they WON'T sell, but I can be content in that I will enjoy smoking all of them if no one buys them." - Trever Talbert