The Trever Talbert

Halloween Pipes Gallery Sketches


These are reproductions of the original sketches used by Trever in the creation of some of the Halloween pipes. Clicking on the images will bring up a larger picture.


sketch_daedalus.jpg (46952 bytes)


sketch_dampton_worm.jpg (28774 bytes)

Dampton Worm

sketch_long_lankin.jpg (22331 bytes)

Long Lankin

sketch_grendel.jpg (112891 bytes)


sketch_haniver1.jpg (178699 bytes)

Jennie Haniver 1

sketch_haniver2.jpg (119118 bytes)

Jennie Haniver 2

sketch_nosferatu.jpg (44376 bytes)

Nosferatu Detail

sketch_redcap.jpg (54203 bytes)

Red Cap

These pipes are one-of-a-kind works and will not ever be re-created by Trever!