The Legolas. It's kind of difficult to make out the moss green stem, but it really works with this pipe. legolas_lg.jpg (22469 bytes)
The Shire. Nice ornamental wood shank treatment. shire_lg.jpg (20822 bytes)
Freehand #1. A really big pipe. free1_lg.jpg (22833 bytes)
The Pueblo. Trever used a novel rustication and staining technique on this one. It looks one color from the top and another from the bottom. pueblo_lg.jpg (22437 bytes)
In 2001, a few carvers who post to ASP got a chance to do their interpretation on a group selected shape. Pretty nice pipe! asp2_lg.jpg (24199 bytes)
Carl Knighten had special  ordered this pipe. Unfortunately, Carl doesn't like vulcanite. I wind up with The Knight. knight_lg.jpg (21626 bytes)