This must have been the year for me to pick up classically inspired shapes from Trever. Poker #7 poker7_lg.jpg (23461 bytes)
Poker #1. poker1_lg.jpg (22150 bytes)
Poker #9. poker9_lg.jpg (21166 bytes)
The hawkbill known as Sam Gamgee. gamgee_lg.jpg (22157 bytes)
Bent Billiard #1. bb1_lg.jpg (22061 bytes)
Billiard #7. bill7_lg.jpg (22559 bytes)
Billiard #9. bill9_lg.jpg (22563 bytes)
This is what Trever refers to as a Mule. It might have been a Yule for '99, but didn't quite work out. mule1_lg.jpg (23044 bytes)