A quasi, freehand Dublin piece. Very comfortable in the hand. frdublin_lg.jpg (21941 bytes)
The Helix. A pipe that is somewhat coveted by good friend, Art Ruppelt, of Ming-Kahuna fame. helix_lg.jpg (19229 bytes)
The Bishop. What appears to be a briar military mount, isn't. Just a clever carve by Trever. bishop_lg.jpg (21177 bytes)
Bamboo #1 bamboo1_lg.jpg (20498 bytes)
Ibex #2. Pictures do not even come close to showing all the magical parallax shifts that Trever employed in this design. ibex2_lg.jpg (22908 bytes)
The Shoggoth. The one and only pipe that has ever caused me to get pulled over by a law enforcement officer. I was in the parking lot of Buger King in Centerville, Texas just puffing away.  The local Sheriff knocked on my window... and wanted to know where I bought the pipe! shoggoth_lg.jpg (23067 bytes)
The Gaffer. gaffer_lg.jpg (22983 bytes)
Doctor Armitage. A very graceful and flowing pipe. If you laid a French curve along side any part of it you would find perfect matches. docarm_lg.jpg (22858 bytes)
The Nagina. You're not going to believe me. This pipe weighs less than .9 ounces... nagina_lg.jpg (23095 bytes)
And now... The Larch. larch_lg.jpg (22385 bytes)
For some silly reason, Trever named this pipe "Classic #1".According to Trever, it was neither the first, nor classic. slant_lg.jpg (22337 bytes)