The Valkyrie. Along with Dagon, these were the first two pipes that I purchased from Trever. valkyrie_lg.jpg (20220 bytes)
The Dagon. Very deceiving pipe because it is actually quite large. The "fluting on the shank is carried into the stem. dagon_lg.jpg (21819 bytes)
Denethor. Has a wonderful plateau front that is not visible in the picture. denethor_lg.jpg (22475 bytes)
The Baby Manta. Trever hates this piece. babyman_lg.jpg (19361 bytes)
The Tulip tulip_lg.jpg (20311 bytes)
Moonglum. It started out as a fully stamped Talbert Briar. Then, Trever had second thoughts and crossed out the nomenclature. moonglum_lg.jpg (20969 bytes)