The US Dunhill Patents


Many of us who collect Dunhill pipes know that there are many Dunhill specimens that have patent nomenclature stamped on the pipe itself. These patents were granted for various improvements or treatments to the pipe smoking process. Recently, on eBay, I saw an auction by company offering to mail you a copy of any US patent on some fancy paper for $9.99 each plus postage. I contacted the seller and asked if I could see a sample of one of the Dunhill patents and if I liked it, I would gladly purchase the entire set. Well, he got a little huffy about having to front his own money. I asked him if he really though fronting a few bucks for a $40 sale was a bad idea. Needless to say, the deal never came off.

I started doing a little research of my own on the web.  I found a source that would send me PDF's (Adobe Acrobat files) of the patents for all of $2.50 each. Patents are in the public domain. I have paid for the research to retrieve them. I now give them away to any interested party.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to be able to view and print these images.

Oil Treatment & Sandblasting 1341418

Innertube with Flange 1130806

Innertube 1343253

Vernon Fitting  1861910