Some Pipes to Ponder

Ray Brookhouser was my father in law and passed away on October 5, 2001. I never knew that he was a pipe smoker, but I should have known by the way his eyes lit up and a smile broke out on his face when I lit one of mine around him. My wife and I found these while cataloguing his effects. They are nothing of rarity, nothing expensive. However, they are now among the most prized elements of my collection. They are a way for me to keep the spirit of Ray alive in my heart.
I commissioned a special pipe from Mark Tinsky almost five years ago. The pipe was to be modeled on the Dunhill 5102, only larger, around ODA size. I was looking for nice grain and good balance. More important, though, was a gold band to match the wedding rings that my wife and I wear. This was to be my "Anniversary Pipe" in celebration of ten years of marriage. Mark did an outstanding job and this is one of my most reliable smokes.
So Americans like big pipes, right? Here are two monsters from my collection. In the foreground is my only Mickles. This pipe has a bowl that is nearly three inches tall! I have had this thing going for nearly three hours while driving between Houston and Dallas, Texas.  In the background, with equally gargantuan proportions is a Dunhill 612 Shell from 1976. For purposes of perspective, that's a US dime , which is about 18mm in width.
A couple of Dunhill "nose-warmers" for your amusement... Up front is a 305 Bruyere from 1963. The Shell is a 4903 from 1995. Both pipes are right around three inches long and smoke pretty nicely, despite the weird looks from other folks.
Every now and then Dunhill will make a pipe with truly stunning grain. I have been fortunate enough to obtain not one, but two, such pieces. In the foreground is diamond-shanked DR** bent billiard. Behind it is a massive, plateaux-topped, HT XL Collector. If you could find a Dunhill like this today, Dunhill would probably require you to take out a mortgage to afford it!